The StorQube
The StorQube

How it works

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    The StorQube is a high efficiency domestic energy storage device.

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    Once installed the StorQube is controlled by ChargeSync via our ChargeLync box to ensure the device absorbs power when energy is plentiful and cheap, and provide power when prices are high and energy more scarce.

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    That's it! The StorQube will save you up to 15% on your electricity bills for 5 years or more.

Why we think it's the best

  • For Everyone - Our device lets anyone reduce their carbon footprint and save money on bills.  By having a StorQube in your house we can reduce your carbon emissions without needing to have solar panels on your roof or a wind turbine in the garden!

  • Easy Installation  - The StorQube is suitable for locating in several parts of your home, whether it's a cupboard, a loft, garage or outhouse. It will save you money and in the process, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Product Simplicity -  Our focus has been to create a device that's consumer friendly and as easy to install as possible.  Controlled via the internet it absorbs power during low price periods and provides power  during periods of high price energy, where energy is scarce.

  • Ease of Use - Don’t worry about operating the device or changing the settings, there are none. It is controlled by our optimisation algorithms via the internet.

How we differ from our competitors

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    Centralised optimisation and working together with the local and national grid is our key differentiator. We aim to use our batteries to assist the wider grid and reduce costs at a system level.

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    We believe that batteries can be profitably deployed to households with or without solar panels. Our product does not need solar panels to save you money.

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    The StorQube is smaller and lighter than some other home battery systems. Installation is simple and quick.

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    Our device is designed to be simple and low cost.