ChargeSync fund raise hidden phase goes live on Invesdor

For those of you who are new to our website, ChargeSync has created a domestic battery box (the StorQube), which can be installed into your home, or small business, and used to reduce your electricity bill. You can find our out more about the StorQube here and you can find some more of our blogs here.

After a significant period working hard behind the scenes, building three working prototype devices which operate today in the lab, and our optimisation platform which coordinates the charge and discharge of our devices (, we are very pleased to announce the opening of the hidden phase equity fund raise on Invesdor. You can find our pitch here. The hidden phase sounds mysterious, but this is the time during which our identified lead investors bring money to the platform. We anticipate around a 2 week exclusivity period before we open things to the public, and once we’re live, investing couldn’t be simpler:

·       Register at

·       Take a moment to fill out the investor questionnaire

·       Read through the investment information

·       Click “Invest now” and follow the instructions

·       Pay your investment with online banking, payment cards, PayPal, or invoice

Your investment will buy a share of equity in the business. For a more detailed description of what we’re trying to achieve with the funds, detail about our HMRC advance assurance for EIS, the team and who’s involved, a brief update on our patent application, and how we hope to push things forwards then please read the pitch in detail, and come back through the platform with questions and comments. We’ll try and answer your questions promptly.

This remains an exciting and critical time for both ChargeSync and the UK energy market as a whole. Which is why we have invested time in a recent Government consultation looking at SMART energy and how things will be set out in the future. We hope the Government listens to what we have to say and that the market can be shaped to drive innovation.

Here’s to the future!


Matthew Hunt