Latest market prices supporting the storage story...

Thanks to Grahanm Schorfield for the following market update!

September has seen some extreme pricing in the UK electricity wholesale market, with individual hours reaching 100p/kWh! With overnight prices down at just 2.7p/kWh the value for battery storage is starting to make much more sense, and even without any government subsidy. On the highest priced day (15th September) an owner of a StorQube would have been charged 3kWh X 2.5p/kWh = £0.075 to charge up, and would have received 3kWh X 48.3p/kWh (average price for the three hours)= £1.45 for the energy provided at peak on just one day’s trading, and that doesn’t include all the extra benefits that the owner would have helped to keep the lights on in an extreme scenario. Overnight prices are heading negative (as they have been in Germany for some time) due to the growing amount of wind on the system, so the charging cost will also be reducing over the next few years.


StorQubes are becoming more viable as the market adjusts to a post coal fired generation world, and as the cost of battery production reduces. With ChargeSync’s patented optimisation technology at the heart of dispatching the units, this value will be available to StorQube purchasers soon!