Synchronise charge and make the world a better place

So what is ChargeSync all about? What’s the point of it, and what does it stand for?

We’ve already written about ChargeSync’s ability to save you money on your electricity bill by charging up when it’s cheap and discharging when energy is expensive (the last few weeks we have seen a few hours with prices close to £1000/MWh – normal prices are typically around £20/MWh). This is great, but there’s a social element to introducing these boxes into the domestic and small commercial environment too, and that’s what I’m going to write about here.

Firstly the world is on the brink an epoch altering change. This is the moment at which the human race finally breaks its dependence from oil based energies and moves towards the use of solely renewable energy sources.

Since these renewable energy sources are unpredictable we need a way to modulate demand to match supply, rather than the other way round as in the current oil based world. Controlled and optimised embedded storage offers a cost effective route to doing this on a large scale. Without an approach like this the system will remain balanced by coal and gas plant for some time to come. As such, I see ChargeSync as a key enabler to make the transition to a zero carbon world. As much as the financial impacts which ChargeSync might have, it’s the ability to force and accelerate the transition away from coal and gas which I believe makes it an essential technology in the right place at the right time.

We’ve written before that the market is a difficult one in which to operate. This is primarily due to the setup of the market being massively outdated, having been formulated for an old world where generation balanced the system. But this situation is made worse by vested interests from the incumbents which act to slow change and transition. In my mind ChargeSync provides an opportunity to side step all this. By providing a domestic box at an affordable price we are offering people the ability to choose the new world for themselves by buying one of our StorQubes.

I believe more than ever that the timing is right for ChargeSync and the StorQube. However I definitely want to ensure that any product we bring to market will repay you for your investment, as well as changing the world that we live in.  And this is what we are working on today. Our efforts involve reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and improving revenues. Once this effort is complete, we can all change the world together.