What is ChargeSync?

At ChargeSync we’re hoping to reduce the cost of your electricity bill by putting a battery device in your home, charging it when grid power is cheap, and discharging when grid power is expensive. We coordinate the charging and discharging of all our battery devices using prices from the market, and our proprietary optimisation algorithm (which is the subject of our pending patent). Essentially we create one large battery that responds when needed to stabilise the grid, but is made up of many small units all around the country acting in unison at dynamically planned times. As we move to more detailed household metering, the profiles generated can create a saving on your electricity bill which could be worth up to 15% or possibly even more in future if grid prices become higher and more volatile.

The action of placing batteries at the point of use creates smoother demand profiles, which in turn means lower peak flows, and can reduce expensive investment in peaking power plant, and the grid. In addition the batteries can be used to reduce carbon emissions by charging when its windy, and discharging when polluting diesel plant would be spewing out filthy black fumes.

We differ from most domestic storage providers because you don’t need solar panels to use one of our devices. Our StorQube will give similar savings to all householders, without the need for government subsidy. With a larger potential market than other solutions, and the device cost should also be lower.

Using a small (3kWh) battery we maximise the revenue which can be created in the domestic environment, whilst minimising the initial spend on battery capacity. We will use larger capacity devices for larger properties and commercial sites.

Currently three working devices are running in the lab environment, and we are seeking viable trial sites with half hourly metering and a co-operative energy supplier to try them out.

We are planning to further develop our product, optimisation platform, and move rapidly to first customer sales. To do this we need the market to evolve in a way which allows innovation to take place, and this is not in our direct control, but we are active in helping where we can to make this happen.

If you like the idea of ChargeSync, then the great news is you can invest in us today. To invest in a future for the power market go to:


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