Introducing..... the Optimi
Introducing..... the Optimi

How it works

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    The Optimi is the smart link between the cloud and your battery storage system. We assess prices and maximise the value of your storage system by charging when cheap and discharging when expensive.

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    The Optimi currently optimises against the Octpus Agile Tariff.

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    The Optimi is easy to install and can be monitored remotely using our fantastic phone app.

How does the Optimi save you money and help the environment?

  • For Everyone - Our device lets anyone reduce their carbon footprint and save money on bills.  By using and Optimi controller to control your battery storage system we can reduce your carbon emissions and save you £££££££££££!

  • Easy Installation  - The Optimi is easy to install alongside your battery system. 

  • Product Simplicity -  The Optimi means you can put your feet up while your battery system works hard to save you £££££££££££. Controlled via the cloud it absorbs power during low price periods and provides power  during periods of high price energy, where energy is scarce.

  • Ease of Use - We will help you configure your device to extract optimum savings. Then you sit back and watch the ££££££ roll in!

How we differ from our competitors

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    Centralised optimisation and working together with the local and national grid is our key differentiator. We aim to use our batteries to assist the wider grid and reduce costs at a system level.

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    We believe that batteries can be profitably deployed to households with or without solar panels.

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    Our device is designed to be simple and low cost.