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Invesdor Pitch

Our pitch on invesdor is now closed, we reached 166% of our target!

Take a look at our optimisation!

Take a look at our optimisation here:

How the StorQube works

StorQube - a smart new consumer product for everyone.  

It's easy to install and use, will reduce your bills and help enable the move from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewables.

At last, a way for anyone and everyone to participate in the green revolution.

Read more about the product to understand how it works and why StorQube might be better for you than other solutions...

chargesync stores energy when demand is low and provides it when demand is high

Our device stores power when energy is plentiful and cheap,  then outputs energy when it is scarce and expensive.

Our internet connected device will cut your bills, help reduce carbon emissions and enable greater use of renewable energy sources.

The StorQube contains the latest battery technology, and some clever electronic control systems. Behind the StorQube sits an intelligent server that monitors energy demand and prices on the grid. The server will monitor and control each StorQube to smooth consumption and reduce your energy bill.

We are confident that a StorQube will cut your electricity bill by up to 15%.

Who's behind ChargeSync?

The ChargeSync team is comprised of people from a multitude of industries. By combining our differing skills and experiences we have built what we feel is the ideal product to tackle the energy demand crisis across the UK.

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